Friday, August 28, 2009

The Birth

The star shone bright,the Word was born
A babe in swaddling clothes
A humble start for God's own Son
It was the path He chose

An angel brought the news that night
He promised peace and joy
A multitude joined in to praise
God's tiny baby boy

His plan was still a mystery
No-one could understand
Why God would let His Son leave home
To save a foreign land

The child grew up, He taught God's word
But some refused to hear
He trained twelve men to carry on
The message He held dear

He had to leave them one dark day
His foes refused to yield
Our Lord, Our God, died on the cross
Alone in Calvary's field

He came again to see His friends
Before He went back home
Christ lived, He died, He rose again
God's plan was firmly known

He sent His Son, a virgin birth
To save the soul of man
We look upon the miracle
With joy, for great I AM!

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