Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hear Me O' God

Life is cruel and circumstance is crippling
You need so bad God's special healing touch
You cry out Lord! but He will not respond
Have faith, He knows, you need Him now so much

Each day goes by you wonder why not now ?
You plead for Him to take your pain away
It's hard to keep your faith, you've lost your focus
Stay strong, He will step in and save the day

When clouds grow dark and you can't see God's glory
There's nothing that can save you, so you think
When you've lost hope and caved in to your sorrow
It will be God who pulls you from the brink

For faith is where the Lord will meet your need
Your cry he hears and when the time is right
He'll break the beast that has you in those chains
His day will dawn and end your blackest night

I wrote this poem for my Mother who had brain surgery several years ago but has been left with one side of her body numb and painful. This has been going on five years and at times she gets very discouraged. I hope it encourages others who are dealing with life's difficulties and trying to cling to their faith when all seems lost.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Veil

Before I knew how we would meet,
I searched, but could not see
But then your light shone through the dark
Your glory covered me

Because of Christ you dropped the veil
My eyes now understand
I see, because you reached through Him
To save the soul of man

Your words will stay upon my heart
until you send your Son
My life belongs to three of you
The Trinity in One

Thank God, I see, what some will not
I hear your call to me
The veil is gone, Lord Jesus lives
Forever, I'll be free!

I wrote this while studying the Tabernacle in Beth Moore's Bible study "A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place." In combination with the Old Testament story of the Tabernacle's design, the poem was based on 2 Corinthians 3: 7-18.

Monday, August 31, 2009

He's Alive

His love was nailed upon the cross that day

I watched.

They laughed at Him, not knowing who He was

I cried.

They tortured Him and left Him there to die

I ran

My sin had killed the Son of God, our Lord

I hid

I lost two days in darkness and in fear

He slept

Day three then came, His tomb was but a shell

He rose again, His foe was now in hell

My sorrow turned to joy, my gift was free

Lord Jesus died that day then rose for me!

***I rewrote this poem from one I had written a couple of years ago, attempting to blend different poetic meters. For me, loss and sorrow has no rhyme or reason, which is why I chose to use a strange meter combination. The joy of Jesus' resurrection brought peace back into the world (if just for a short time) and to me that means an upbeat, faster rhythm. I hope you enjoy!***

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Birth

The star shone bright,the Word was born
A babe in swaddling clothes
A humble start for God's own Son
It was the path He chose

An angel brought the news that night
He promised peace and joy
A multitude joined in to praise
God's tiny baby boy

His plan was still a mystery
No-one could understand
Why God would let His Son leave home
To save a foreign land

The child grew up, He taught God's word
But some refused to hear
He trained twelve men to carry on
The message He held dear

He had to leave them one dark day
His foes refused to yield
Our Lord, Our God, died on the cross
Alone in Calvary's field

He came again to see His friends
Before He went back home
Christ lived, He died, He rose again
God's plan was firmly known

He sent His Son, a virgin birth
To save the soul of man
We look upon the miracle
With joy, for great I AM!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Power of Faith

She led him to the cross that day
So young and so afraid
Her father watched as she went forth
Their souls that day were saved

A child so young but full of love
Had power in her Lord
Her dad met God because of her
On both, God's grace was poured

The Bible says it takes a child
to have a simple faith
In humbleness she needed God
She knew they could not wait

The child grew up, she still loves God
She still is called to lead
She stands her ground when faced with doubt
She answers those in need

Again she met a man who sinned
He did not know the way
She held his hand they spoke God's words
Another soul was saved

Her future is secure in God
Because she stands for Him
She looks for those who have a need
She fills their void with Him

**I wrote this poem for a friend of mine who led her father to Jesus. This same person served as a Hospital Chaplain, as an adult, where she continued to bring others to God.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The End of Our Age

His voice shall force the seas to roar
We'll fall beneath His feet
Joined with our God our souls will soar
His promise now complete

His city streets are lined with gold
He stands before His throne
He's called His sheep into his fold
Rejoice! We have come home

His light has pierced our darkened past
Our sacrifical lamb
His work is done our souls will last...
Forever with I AM!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Walk

The greatest walk in history
took place so long ago
There was no joy, no glory seen,
just One we did not know

His screams and cries brought people out
to watch Him in His need
Some laughed, some cried, some spit on Him
Some begged to have Him freed

Who was this Man, what had He done?
How could they still deny?
The love He claimed had brought Him there
Yet no one asked him Why?

They nailed Him to a cross that day
They gambled for his clothes
They cried "All Hail you King of Jews,
It was the fate He chose

At last, He died that fateful day
He asked for their release
The sky turned black, the curtain tore
His mercy did not cease

The men who'd loved Him ran and hid
They feared they'd lose their heads
They could not know He'd come again
Our God could not stay dead

Day three then came, the sun shone bright
They cried "He's left His grave!"
This Man, this Lord, this King of Kings
Our souls that day He saved!