Monday, August 31, 2009

He's Alive

His love was nailed upon the cross that day

I watched.

They laughed at Him, not knowing who He was

I cried.

They tortured Him and left Him there to die

I ran

My sin had killed the Son of God, our Lord

I hid

I lost two days in darkness and in fear

He slept

Day three then came, His tomb was but a shell

He rose again, His foe was now in hell

My sorrow turned to joy, my gift was free

Lord Jesus died that day then rose for me!

***I rewrote this poem from one I had written a couple of years ago, attempting to blend different poetic meters. For me, loss and sorrow has no rhyme or reason, which is why I chose to use a strange meter combination. The joy of Jesus' resurrection brought peace back into the world (if just for a short time) and to me that means an upbeat, faster rhythm. I hope you enjoy!***

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