Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Walk

The greatest walk in history
took place so long ago
There was no joy, no glory seen,
just One we did not know

His screams and cries brought people out
to watch Him in His need
Some laughed, some cried, some spit on Him
Some begged to have Him freed

Who was this Man, what had He done?
How could they still deny?
The love He claimed had brought Him there
Yet no one asked him Why?

They nailed Him to a cross that day
They gambled for his clothes
They cried "All Hail you King of Jews,
It was the fate He chose

At last, He died that fateful day
He asked for their release
The sky turned black, the curtain tore
His mercy did not cease

The men who'd loved Him ran and hid
They feared they'd lose their heads
They could not know He'd come again
Our God could not stay dead

Day three then came, the sun shone bright
They cried "He's left His grave!"
This Man, this Lord, this King of Kings
Our souls that day He saved!

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