Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Power of Faith

She led him to the cross that day
So young and so afraid
Her father watched as she went forth
Their souls that day were saved

A child so young but full of love
Had power in her Lord
Her dad met God because of her
On both, God's grace was poured

The Bible says it takes a child
to have a simple faith
In humbleness she needed God
She knew they could not wait

The child grew up, she still loves God
She still is called to lead
She stands her ground when faced with doubt
She answers those in need

Again she met a man who sinned
He did not know the way
She held his hand they spoke God's words
Another soul was saved

Her future is secure in God
Because she stands for Him
She looks for those who have a need
She fills their void with Him

**I wrote this poem for a friend of mine who led her father to Jesus. This same person served as a Hospital Chaplain, as an adult, where she continued to bring others to God.

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